Contest Information

General information

The “Ideenwettbewerb” supports the development of founding ideas and the utilization of research results at the University of Rostock as well as the research area Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and increases their chances of success. Since 2016 local idea competitions are executed at participating universities and colleges in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which are financed with funds of the “Europäische Sozialfonds” from 2014 to 2020. Furthermore, the best submissions from the local competition qualify for the participation on the national competition. The local as well as the national competition are executed only once per year through 2019.

The “Zentrum für Entrepreneurship” (ZfE) of the University of Rostock is responsible for the execution of the local competition as well as for the coordination of the national competition. The ZfE emphasizes to integrate the majority of the research institutes in the country into the local competition at the University of Rostock as well as to cooperate with them and to support them with the identification respectively implementation of research and transfer potential.

There will be money-awards for the first three winners in both categories and money-awards in additional certain categories, which are sponsored from various businesses. Despite this, there is a possibility for participants to attend subsequent events to work targeted on their idea respectively on the implementation.

Target group

The “Ideenwettbewerb” is executed in the categories “students” and “researcher/ graduates”:

Category I – students

  • students (m/f) enrolled at the University of Rostock
  • teams, which include at least one student (m/f) enrolled at the University of Rostock

Category II – researcher/ graduates

  • research assistants (m/f), PhD students (m/f), Post Docs (m/f) and professors (m/f) from the University of Rostock (former members (m/f) up to 5 years after their withdrawal)
  • graduates (m/f) from the University of Rostock, whose graduation dates back up to a maximum of 5 years
  • members (m/f) of the participating research institutes (former members (m/ f) up to 5 years after their withdrawal)

Procedure and deadlines

The concept provides a two-stage competition:

                Stage 1: local “Ideenwettbewerb” at the participating locations in M-V

                Stage 2: national “Ideenwettbewerb” in M-V

The first step is an online registration of the participants until the 30.04.2017. For this the idea had to be described in a few sentences (max. 500 signs). With this the participation is guaranteed. A registration after the 30.04.2017 is possible in justified exceptions and after prior consultations with the people in charge.

The second step includes the further development of generated ideas:

a)      a possible participation for the originators of the ideas (m/ f) on the competence promotion program, which includes relevant seminars and workshops that conduce the further development and qualification of the idea

b)      the offer and implementation from individual coaching arrangements for members of the research institutes (m/ f), even on site

c)       a possible involvement in the mentoring program in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (“Idee sucht Mentor”)

d)      the possibility to attend and contribute to the biggest awareness-raising event for entrepreneurship in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (MVpreneur Day on the 14.06.2017)

e)      an individual support and intensive consulting for promising ideas and innovative technologies

This offer can be helpful for participants to prepare their refined idea sketches as well as support their own individual development. The refined idea sketch has to be submitting at the latest on the 10.06.2017 by mail to zfeuni-rostockde. After the inspection of submitted idea sketches, an impartial jury makes a criterion based selection of the best ideas, which allows the selected ones to attend the local competition at the University of Rostock.

The third step takes place on the 21.06.2017: the presentation of the ideas in front of an expert jury, consisting of representatives from economy, science and politics. Subsequently, the public award for the best ideas and the drawn lots for special prizes are carried out.

During the fourth step the best teams from the local competition receive the opportunity to participate on the national competition. For that to happen, they present their ideas on the 12.07.2017 again in front of a top-class jury. On completion, the best ideas are awarded on a grand scale.

The fifth step provides the prize-winning and especially promising inventor (m/f) the opportunity to work intensively on their ideas, exchange views with experts and to network during following events.

Participation requirements

  • The formal foundation based on the submitted ideas is not allowed before or at the time of the online registration for a competition round.
  • The idea has to be developed independently from the team and the rights of third-parties don’t have to be infringed.
  • Several people can be involved in a team.  (For example, the idea can be developed further in interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary teams.)
  • The decisions from the impartial jury and from the donators are final and non-appealable. The judges´ decision is final.

Confidential and data protection

All members of the expert and report network, donators and jury members have signed a written confidentiality agreement to maintain the nondisclosure, within the realms of competition, for confidential information.  Competition entries as well as personal data are treated responsibly and are not passed to unauthorized third parties.